Education Innovations and Improvements-2018 Summer Report


We're Making Progress!

  • More safety/security personnel & equipment.

  • Summer Learning Academies.

  • More educational assistants and reading interventionists.

  • Teacher salary increases.

  • Millions more for Career and Technical Education (CTE); Vocational.

  • More guidance counselors and behavior interventionists.

  • Early online registration and a new Optional Schools registration eliminating parent camp- outs.

  • A Parent Welcome Center for a one-stop-shop.

  • More support for physical education and recess time, school gardens, and less state testing.

  • Better wages for cafeteria, teacher assistants, and school bus drivers.

  • Improved bus safety guidelines and verification of school safety drills.

  • Anonymous text hotline for students to report campus crimes, suspicious behaviors, planned fights, bullying, weapons or drugs, concern for classmate’s safety.

  • Increase in Pre-K seats.

  • New family and community outreach directives.

  • Set up a special upgraded division to oversee SCS Charter Schools.

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