Accountability and Efficiencies – 2018 Summer Report


We're Making Progress!

  • Since the merger, we are no longer having to make cuts. By improving our fiscal position, we now have a balanced budget with an adequate emergency fund.

  • A ‘Whistleblower’ hotline to allow anonymous reporting of fraud and waste, which goes to an independent CPA investigation team.

  • Commissioned a disparity study regarding the utilization of minority and women businesses.

  • Former US-Attorney General commissioned to investigate the grading scandal.

  • We refused an insurance contact as presented, sent it back for rebidding, and saved millions.

  • Barcode tracking system implemented to curb missing equipment.

  • Retrofitting lighting in schools to LEDs to save millions in energy costs.

  • System implemented to reconcile work orders completion.

  • Requiring that new positions created be reported on a monthly basis, and to provide more data for expenditures.

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